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Downtown Dallas' First Community Wide Pumpkin Fest

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

The City of Dallas is excited to announce the first ever community-wide Pumpkin Fest! The Pumpkin Fest will begin on October 24th and pumpkins will be displayed until Halloween. This is open to all and is free admission. Trophies for mayor's choice and people's choice will be given out.

The idea of the pumpkin festival came about in the Business Development Office by our very own Main Street Manager, Shannon. Shannon is fairly new to the City of Dallas team but has had nothing but great ideas for our downtown. We are super excited to see everything she brings to our city.

Our hopes for this event is to share our eagerness for the fall season and to keep the community involved. The City of Dallas is small but mighty and has a lot to offer. Come share the pride in the city we know you love and enter in our very first Pumpkin Fest!

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