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Downtown Dallas Ambassadors

The Downtown Dallas Ambassador Program is a group of community members who love downtown Dallas and have the desire to volunteer in the community and share all the good happening within the downtown district. The ambassadors will serve as volunteers at many of the downtown Dallas events welcoming visitors, giving directions, and answering any questions about the events. 

Ambassadors will also have the opportunity to become downtown social media influencers used to help beat the ever changing algorithms and constantly sharing the happenings in downtown Dallas. 


Ambassadors may be asked to attend a downtown training and attend volunteer meetings. Event volunteers will receive an official volunteer shirt to wear at events!


The Hype Team concept was developed by NewTown Macon's Main Street Board in Macon, GA. NewTown allows and encourages communities across the nation to create their own ambassador and influencer teams to hype up their downtown districts. More information about NewTown's efforts can be found at

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